AmXC Lock-on No-Slip Grips    

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MSRP: $29.99
Item Code: GRP-LK
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There are very few 'contact' points on a bike, your grips are the main one! The new AmXc ‘NoSlip' Grip was designed to meet the demands of today's trail conditions. Whether it's snow, rain, mud, grease, or just dirt- the NoSlip grip ensures the rider's hands stay exactly where they are needed- ON THE BARS! Available in 6 different lock ring/end cap colors, this grip allows you to add the finishing touch to your unique bike.


Tech Info:

This grip features our patented (NO. M345767) 'Anti-Slip' compound to ensure consistent traction where the hands meet the bike. We also have included our own 'lock' ring and end cap combination- we have combined a lock ring with a alloy end cap to create the perfect combination of form and function. A little 'thicker' than your traditional grip, we made a grip that feels better than anything we've ever grabbed on the bars!

Price 29.99
NoSlip Rubber Alloy Lock Rings and End Caps