Xlite SI Headset T:ZS44/28.6 - B:ZS44/30    

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MSRP: $139.99
Item Code: LOA-HST
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Your mind will be blown trying to decide what you like best, the 66 gram weight, the dual angular contact bearings set, or the beautifully finished 7075 Anodized and laser etched aluminum. Dollars per gram, dollars for feature, and features per gram… this headset has got it all.

• Weight: 66g
• Size: 1 1/8 x 1 1/8 (1.125 X 1.125) 46|46 ZS (SHIS)
• Top Stack Height: 6mm
• Bottom Stock Height: 2mm
• Bearing: Dual Angular Full Compliment Ceramic Hybrid
• Material: 7075 Aluminum
• Insertion Depth: 5mm
• SI= Semi Integrated Headset

Loaded headsets achieve their remarkable world class lightweight, strength and stiffness by using the more expensive 7075 Aluminum, (nearly as strong as steel) coupled with a dual angular hybrid ceramic bearing set, and meticulous analysis of where every extra gram can be removed. These headsets will amaze you with their smooth operation, and stiff, stable coupling capability. Compare the weight, these headsets set new state of the art standards for weight, strength and durability.

Price 149.99
7075 Aluminum
44|44 ZS (SHIS) or 1-1/8 ZS
Dual Angular Full Compliment Ceramic Hybrid