AmX Signature Pedals Titanium V2    

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MSRP: $239.99
Item Code: PET-AmXV2
Categories: Pedals
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Light, Thin, Strong... These are the 3 words that describe our AmX Signature Ti Pedals. These pedals are remarkably thin, only 12.9mm at its 'thickest' point. Featuring a Titanium Axle machined out of Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium, this pedal puts your bike on a diet at only 266g!!! The consistent feel and durability of these pedals are sure to please any rider, on any trail...

Technical Info:

Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium is simply the highest grade of Titanium available to manufacturers- that’s why we used it for our AmX Signature Titanium Flat Pedal. We have saved over 45% of the weight used in even the ‘light’ axles used by other manufacturers- which is why our Titanium Pedal comes in at just under 266g!!! The Titanium Axle combined with our 4 Sealed Bearing axle interface, offers reliable performance without sacrificing weight. Whether it’s XC, Trail, All Mountain, All Country, Down Country, Downhill, DJ, or Freeride- these pedals are a perfect way to keep your feet planted on any trail.

Price $269.99
Alloy Body, Titanium Spindle
Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium
4x Sealed Bearings 2x DU Bushings